The Britipedia is a membership organisation bringing together British based manufacturers and producers. We have created a simple tool to connect consumers and trade buyers with businesses that still manufacture their products here in the UK. Looking for goods that are made in Britain? You are in the right place.

The Britipedia membership is FREE (terms & conditions apply) for businesses to join, but also our directory is FREE for those searching for British made goods.

British Businesses:

If you are a British manufacturer, producer or farmer The Britipedia is totally free for you to join. Our hope is that it drives both UK & international consumers as well as trade buyers to your British made products, raising awareness of what the UK produces more generally.

British Consumers & Trade Buyers:

All of the businesses listed within The Britipedia manufacture or produce their goods here in the UK. They help underpin the UK economy and are, in themselves, immensely proud of their British provenance. I think we can speak on their behalf when we thank you for using this membership directory and rewarding their hard work.

Keep buying British!

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