What is the point of Britipedia?
It is a membership led organisation and a means of connecting both UK and overseas consumers and trade buyers to British manufactures and producers… simple as that. We believe that promoting a buy British message will benefit the whole country economically, socially and culturally. Nice idea eh?

How do you ensure that the businesses listed are all making their stuff in the UK?
We have a disclaimer which must be accepted when businesses apply to be listed and we manually verify each and every application. In addition, listed members and users advise us if they feel a particular listing is not true to form.

The site is a little clunky and I wish it had more functionality. Can you sort it out?
In time my impatient one. This site has not yet been live 12 months and we are doing the best we can and Britipedia is a non-profit membership organisation. We do have big plans but these take both time and money… and we have little of either. Our mission is to make Britipedia synonymous with buying British but Rome (or Rhyl) was not built in a day.

Who is behind Britipedia?
It is a long story but in brief Britipedia is the brain-child of the Bradshaw family, well known campaigners for British manufacturing & farming, and Steve Lindsey of Lincoln West. Lincoln West is a event & exhibition business responsible for taking new and experienced exporters to overseas markets via trade shows. Most of these businesses are from the manufacturing sectors, ranging from metalwork & machining to blinds & shutters, from swimming pool to machine vision identification technologies and laser system manufacturers to name a few. Together, the Bradshaws and Lincoln West also host the annual British Family Fayre event.

The membership site is owned by Britipedia Ltd whose directors are James Bradshaw and Steve Lindsey.

FAQ’s for consumers & trade buyers:

Who are the businesses listed on Britipedia?
The businesses you will find on Britipedia are those that make or produce their products in the UK and have taken the time to join and list themselves. If they are on our site they are likely to be very proud to be manufacturing in the UK. So we hope that you will support them.

What does made in Britain really mean?
That is not as daft a question as it might sound. We would consider a T-shirt stitched in Britain using a domestic workforce to be made in Britain even if it used imported fabrics (and it most likely would). However, if you print a picture of a dog (for arguments sake let’s say a Pug) on an imported mug, sure it would be cool, but it could not really be what we would call made in Britain. If you fail to see the difference, that’s fine. Just trust us.

I wish my favourite British brand was listed. Can you add them?
I am afraid not. Our policy is to wait until the businesses themselves contact us to join. There are a number of reasons for that, but the biggest one is lack of time to do anything else. However, if you wish to contact your favourite brand and tell them what they are missing by not being listed then fill your boots!

FAQ’s for businesses:

Is my business suitable to be listed?
Britipedia is a membership listing for those that make, grow or produce their products in the UK. This means different things for different sectors but as a basic rule of thumb, if you would call yourself a British manufacturer, producer or farmer then you should be ok.

I produce some of my items in the UK and some are made abroad. Can I still be listed?
Yes, so long as your listing is clear about what you make in the UK and your website clearly states which products are made in Britain and which are not.

How can I join Britipedia and become a member?
There is a link on the home page… but you obviously missed it, so here it is again: Submit a Membership Listing

My listing does not show and I have waited 48 hours. What’s the deal?
There are a couple of options here:
1.    Your listing has been rejected as not fitting our criteria of made in Britain. The basic measure we use is the guidance provided by trading standards for goods that is made in the UK which suggests that the item must have undergone ‘significant change’ in the UK in order to be labelled as “Made in Britain”.
2.    We have not got around to it yet. As a non-profit membership led organisation Britipedia is administrated by a small team of volunteers and if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Give us another 48 hours and if it is not up after that give us a sharp kick up the backside (or send an email).

It is free but what’s the catch?
Britipedia is a non-profit making website. Sometimes people want to do something because it feels like the right thing to do or because they feel that have the power to do something useful for someone else. Don’t be so cynical.

Is my personal information safe if I submit a listing?
Of course! We promise not to share your data with any 3rd parties. We may contact you ourselves from time to time with related opportunities, events or offers that may be of interest to you, but you can unsubscribe from these at any time. You can read our data protection policy here [coming soon].

Do you accept advertising on the site?
We could be persuaded. Everybody has their price, right? If you want to advertise please contact us and we will go through some options with you. However, we are keen that the integrity and value of the site is maintained above all else. All advertising revenue will be put back into Britipedia to help us help our members.

I would like to start exporting, who can help me?
UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is a UK Government department working with businesses based in the United Kingdom to ensure their success in international markets. For further information and support please visit

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