We Make Fine Chocolate Fabulous Fun @ Bonbonco.com

Our Very British and Delicious Fine Chocolate Trees kits are entirely customisable online @ bonbonco.com

Our Chocolate Tree kits catch peoples imagination and makes them laugh.

Superb gifts for anyone that loves Fun and Fine Chocolate.

Fabulous for friends and family.

Send them a kit with their favourites inside!

All kits come with a range of templates so that our lovely customers can be as crazy or conventional as they like.

Our customers love our products and we have a host of testimonials telling us so.

Finally…because we are Artisan Chocolatiers and proud to be British and quirky, we have included x2 tiny ‘gummy worms’ in our chocolate pots and as an extra Bonus Feature, have provided you with a packet of sprouting seeds from one of the worlds leading seed suppliers, so that once your ‘Chocolate Tree’ has been happily constructed and hungrily devoured, you can re-use the pot the to grow another edible plant…

Go Go Bonbonco @ Bonbonco.com

The product delivers on taste, makes a fun activity, and is colourful, ageless/genderless, has Global appeal, attractive pricing and adapts to suit Cultural Preference.

I can execute ‘model changes’ within hours and my ‘business model’ includes ‘bespoke’ options.

Ingredients/components are ‘ambient’ with a shelf life of a year and made licences simple to obtain and also helps with stock control and rotation.

Manufacturing is from my own premises. Overheads are low and discounts are negotiated with suppliers.

Manufacturing challenges were overcome by ingenuity, using food grade: plastics/cold cure silicone.

The product is Design Registered at the Intellectual Property Office, as are Trademarks.

Bonbonco bridges the gap between fine chocolate and confectionary.

New Product: Bowie Tea Towel

Bowie-Tea-Towel-Line-Large“Oh we can beat them, for ever and ever, then we could be heroes, just for one dry.” No? OK then, how about “If you should fall, into my arms, and tremble like a scourer”? Still no? Well that’s it, we tried our best. Suffice to say, for fans of Bowie – or music in general – this iconic image will pop in any kitchen/kitchen-diner/kitchenette.

Printed and stitched by craftspeople in Lincolnshire
100% cotton
Size: approx. 47cm x 74cm