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Smartphone Mounts & Tablet Stands

Breffo is one of the fastest growing and most innovative designer and manufacturer of consumer electronic accessories in the world. We design and manufacture products without compromise and have expanded and continue to expand our sales and distribution to in-excess of 40 countries worldwide.



After seeing their first product The Spiderpodium debut on The Apprentice back in 2010, I had to buy one. I use The Spiderpodium every day to mount my phone in the car dash. I really love this product as I have had 3 phones since I bought this, and it works with each of them – simply brilliant!

James | 02/06/2014

Love this company. Have been a fan for a while, but so very impressed they are UK Based and all Made in Britain! Yay!

Shriya | 16/04/2014

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