Amina Technologies Ltd

Amina Technologies Ltd
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Amina Technologies Ltd
Invisible Loudspeakers

Amina Technologies Ltd – Design and manufacturer innovative invisible loudspeakers and discrete sound solutions. Perfect for providing sound in design influenced projects, creating seamless interiors with room filling sound.



Amina Speakers, are, in my opinion, the only solution for high excellent quality, invisible sound. We have tried other solutions but there is always a compromise to be made on both the listening experience and the appearance.

With Amina, there is no compromise, you quite simply get a totally invisible sound solution and audio of such clarity that it never fails to amaze me.

I have these speakers set up in a 5.1 surround sound system and they deal effortlessly with any film, bringing subtleties out of the soundtracks, that I have not heard with any other speakers.

I would highly recommend, that anyone interested in these speakers, arrange to have a demonstration, you will be amazed.

Andrew Chappell | 25/03/2014

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