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Big Green Tree
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Big Green Tree
Natural Skincare products

In Derbyshire on the edge of the Peak District we manufacture all our products by hand. We are fully qualified via cosmetic safety assessment licenses, ensuring that our products are fully compliant within EU & UK relevant legislation.

We realised a number of years ago that when we used products made in a more sympathetic and natural way we had less dry skin and irritated skin. We started to look into how it was done and what we could do, thus starting a very exciting adventure into the world of Beauty care products made, sourced and managed with an ethos of being kind to yourself, kind to your skin and just as importantly kind to the natural environment.

Wherever possible we use ingredients that are natural, organic and farmed/traded in an ethical manner. Big Green Tree products are free of harsh chemicals like Parabens and SLSs that can be found in the majority of bath and body care products and which have been linked to skin irritation, making them especially sensitive in nature.

Our natural range of Bath & Beauty care products has been designed to ensure that your skin stays nourished, toned and in great condition, with active ingredients that can help to fight against the signs of ageing; we use luxurious butters and oils such as nourishing Cocoa & Shea, Jojoba, Coconut & sweet almond oils(to name but a few). We combine these base oils with active essential, Botanicals and heavenly fragrances to ensure a luxurious treat for your skin.
They are also free of palm oil, the production of which is a serious threat to the orang-utan in Borneo, and has decimated large areas of once wild rain forest.

The packaging has been kept intentionally clean and simple & oozes contemporary style & quality whilst keeping our core ethic of being recyclable or reusable.

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