MSE (UK) Ltd

MSE (UK) Ltd
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MSE (UK) Ltd
Manufacturer of laboratory centrifuges and other lab equipment

MSE is a family owned, UK manufacturer of laboratory equipment based in London. Our core business is in the manufacture of centrifuges, but we make other laboratory equipment too.

When people think of centrifuges, they might think of a NASA pilot being spun around really fast as part of his/her training to become accustomed to the G forces they will experience during take-off. Well, our centrifuges do exactly the same thing, although they are not designed to spin people around! Instead, they are often used to spin blood, urine, oil, ink and a variety of other substances in clinical, educational and industrial environments.

We also make clean air products like laminar flow safety cabinets and isolators (the glove boxes to you see people putting their hands into on telly). Most of our customers are both public and private hospitals, but we also sell to universities, pharmaceutical and water companies, vets, cosmetic surgery practices…the list goes on and on!

Most of our sales come from UK based customers, but we also export around 35% of our products overseas. We’re proud to fly the flag for Britain and promote British engineering and technology.



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