Arctic Cabins

Arctic Cabins
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Arctic Cabins
A barbecue cabin solves the issue of the Great British weather. The cabins are substantial timber buildings that have solid wooden floors, double glazed windows and doors and a central grill with seating all around the edge. The barbecue cabin means people can enjoy alfresco eating, entertaining and barbecues at any time of the year, even in the depths of winter, which is a trend that has been emerging over the last couple of years. Once inside a cabin, they are deceptively spacious. They come in a range of sizes from approximately 10 to 25 meters squared. Most cabins have benches that are extendable and convert into sleeping bunks that are surprisingly comfortable. A 10m2 cabin seats 15 and sleeps 3, these are suitable for most gardens while a 25 m2 cabin seats 40 and sleeps 6. This size of cabin tends to be used for more commercial uses for example, shooting lodges and camping barns.

Arctic Cabins based in Derbyshire have been manufacturing and selling barbecue cabins for over 15 years. Barbecue cabins give us the luxury of spending time with family and friends in a warm, cosy and exotic Lapland atmosphere just steps from home.

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