Eco Dog Designs

Eco Dog Designs
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Eco Dog Designs
Eco Dog Designs are handcrafted dog collars, leads, coats and a range of accessories to match.

Eco Dog Designs are created for every season to meet the needs of Eco-friendly and fashion forward customers who want to dress their dogs in functional and stylish clothing while maintaining a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle for both themselves and their pets.

Our product range from Eco Dog Designs can be handmade to order, please Contact Us to request a personalised order.

The core materials of our products are made from up cycled materials, striving to be 100% eco friendly by using certified organic materials, reclaimed, donated and recycled fabrics wherever possible in our designs.

For example, these can be from a pair of jeans to create a functional poo bag carrying pouch, or a used fleece jacket to make a lovely cosy lining for our dog coats. These are all finished with hardware such as clips, buckles and Velcro to complete the final product.

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