Bramble Cottage Woodcraft Ltd

Bramble Cottage Woodcraft Ltd
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Garden Swings, Swing Seats & Tree Swings

At Bramble Cottage we produce a range of garden swing seats all individually handcrafted in beautiful English oak. Our swing seats are produced in a range of our own unique designs and are available complete with an A frame or as a swing seat only to hang from a tree, pergola or under a balcony.

Our tree swings in English oak are available in two styles, our original Classic tree swings, slimmer and more rounded; and our Woodland tree swings, thicker and more rustic. They are produced in six sizes from junior through to double adult and are available with any rope length. We also produce a babies tree swing and a Toddler tree swing in our Horse & Cart design.

For those without a tree, we produce a range of garden swing frames in green oak, available as single or double frames in both children’s and adults sizes. The hanging seats are completely interchangeable, allowing our baby and toddler swings to be hung from the frame and then easily changed over for a normal swing seat as children grow or as larger members of the family wish to use the swing. We also offer a fairground style swing boat that can be easily fitted to the frame for use by younger children.

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