Cahoonas UK Ltd

Cahoonas UK Ltd
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Cahoonas UK Ltd

Cahoonas is a new, luxury, male underwear brand and the brainchild of Edinburgh-based entrepreneurs Simon Phillips and Georgia Goodall. Two years ago, Simon and Georgia stumbled upon the little-known fact that 75% of men hang to the left; the rest hang to the right. This inspired them to develop an ergonomic underwear design that caters to whichever way a man ‘dresses’. The result is the Cahoonas 75 trunk which already has 4 IPO registered designs and a patent pending.

Cahoonas is an innovation-driven brand aiming to re-define male comfort and Simon and Georgia are also currently developing multiple sportswear garments in an effort to aid athletic performance. Quality is a big driver and one of the reasons why they have chosen to produce Cahoonas in Britain using British-spun microfibre.



As worn by many professional sportsmen see our blog

Simon Phillips | 26/01/2014

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