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Earth and Nature Ltd
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Earth and Nature Ltd
Eco Friendly

EARTH AND NATURE has been set up to provide you with an online eco store to cater for your environmental and personal needs at an open and affordable price.

It has been created by Martin and Suzii Fido whom, between them, have 40 years experience in a variety of employment that compliments the running of a ‘new era’ of environmentally conscious online shopping. It combines their experience in the eco charity sector with sales and IT as well as work in the scientific sector.

Why is it needed? In this day and age the line between what is actually eco friendly and the desire to make a profit has become seriously blurred and we now have many sites selling products that may have some good environmental credentials but are not the best overall choice for the consumer or the planet we live on and the staggering array of pricing on the same items can be quite amazing.

Here at EARTH AND NATURE we have taken time to investigate thousands of products and how they impact our environment and our health. This not only includes what they are made of but how and where they are made.

We only sell goods that are not tested on animals, free from chemicals that do, or are suspected to, carry health risks to us or our planet and we always search for products by British companies that are manufactured in the UK with British ingredients wherever possible.

Are we perfect? NO, but we strive to be and we will provide you with the best alternatives that fit our policies, whilst continuously searching for better consumables to fit your requirements and we encourage any feedback or suggestions from our customers to help us to improve our service to you.

You can have confidence in our prices as we always sell below the recommended retail price and check our suppliers’ prices every week to ensure we doing everything we can to make environmentally friendly products a mainstream option and not just for those passionate about the natural world.

We consider you and the environment in every aspect of our business right down to our honest delivery pricing structure. We display the shipping costs at the check out with no false promises of free delivery. There is no such thing! Sites that promise this, load the price on each individual product which can cost you more as heavy, bulky goods need more price loading than smaller, lighter ones.

To help keep our prices low and with a firm eye on keeping our carbon footprint down, we source high quality, pre-used cardboard boxes and packaging wherever possible. Although each parcel may be different, you can always be sure your delivery will arrive well wrapped, giving the best possible protection to your goods and the environment.



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