MSE (UK) Ltd

MSE (UK) Ltd
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MSE (UK) Ltd
Centrifuges, Safety Cabinets and Isolators

MSE is a British manufacturer of centrifuges based in the London area. 

What is a ‘centrifuge’ I hear you say?  Well, imagine spinning around in your garden with a bucket of water in your hand and you get an idea of how a centrifuge works!  Technically speaking, our products use centrifugal force to spin a sample round really fast until the heavier component parts of a substance get pushed to the bottom of a container.  This helps the science boffins to analyse the sample and assists them with their really complicated research.

Our products are used widely in hospitals, universities and industry both here in the UK and across the world.  We’re proud to be flying the flag for Britain as we are not only the last remaining centrifuge manufacturer in the UK, but we are also a leader in our industry.



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