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Twine with a Twist

There have been 157 Christmases since our company was founded in 1856,
and the 2014 season is fast approaching. What better way to mark the
occasion than to provide Bakers twines with a festive twist? We
recognise the opportunities for decoration and crafts at Christmas are
endless. Be it decorating the household to fun children’s crafts or
giving gifts a personal touch: our special edition Christmas twines
are perfect to give any project a festive edge. From deep, alpine
green intertwined with gold, to punchy reds. The range features the
most beautiful twines. Christmas only happens once a year, but our
special Bakers twines still offer the same high quality, strong,
luxury cotton that we have been manufacturing everyday for over 150
years. Aside from our specially selected Christmas Bakers twines, many
of our other products are perfect to ‘Christmasify’ your projects or
gifts. We offer stunningly unique metallic twines in gold, platinum,
silver, burgundy and bronze. A great alternative to the standard
ribbon: a perfect way to add extra shine into present wrapping. The
sparkle collection also features rich, unusual colours such as
burgundy and violet that would bring a look of warmth and opulence to
any christmas craft projects.
So, if you are seeking a festive twist look no further than our
beautiful Bakers Twines!

We wish all our customers a very happy Christmas!

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