Voyage Out Centenary Scarf – Celebrating Virginia Woolf’s First Novel

Ruth Dent is an artist inspired by music, literature and poetry. Virginia Woolf’s debut novel, ‘The Voyage Out’ is a favourite.

It’s 100 years since it was first published in 1915 and Ruth has created an image to capture the spirit of the book. One afternoon, with two paintings in progress, she reached for a fresh canvas. Choosing colours for sea, sky and earth, working quickly and almost in a dream; finishing with a light blue edge to hold the image – like text on a page.

Digitally printed onto crepe satin silk, this is now the Voyage Out Centenary Scarf; only 100 will be printed.

Now we’re ready to produce these 100 Voyage Out Centenary Scarves, and have an Indiegogo campaign – already 40% funded – selling the scarves (and other perks) in advance to pay our production costs.

See Ruth tell the story here:

If we don’t achieve full funding, we will still print the scarves that you have purchased, so you will still receive your scarf plus any other perks you have chosen.

So “what’s so special?”

“Apart from being Virginia Woolf’s debut novel?”

The Voyage Out is a fantastic read:

It follows Rachel Vinrace, as she leaves England on her father’s ship, The Euphrosyne, bound for South America. She travels with her Aunt and Uncle and a collection of other passengers – including Clarissa Dalloway, for part of the sea journey. Over the course of the voyage and subsequent stay amongst ex-pats in South America, Rachel’s views on life develop and she finds her own voice, emerging a ‘free-spirit’. Rachel’s lifelong love is music, and a recurring theme is that it “says everything”.

And because it was her first novel, it’s centenary should be celebrated, and what better way that to be able to take a scarf on your travels that has been inspired by an imaginary voyage by one of the twentieth century’s greatest novelists?